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Residential and Commercial Rental Property Management in East Bay, Fremont & Bay Area

Our East Bay property management company provides residential, multi-family, commercial and real estate property management services in Fremont, Union City, Newark and Hayward.

Property Management in East Bay, Fremont & Bay Area

Competitive Property Management Fees in the East Bay, Fremont & Bay Area Area

Our rental property management services and fees are very competitive. Our unique property management process allows us to provide elite property management services in the greater East Bay, Fremont & Bay Area area at rates which are manageable to our property owners. Our local office is also part of a larger nationwide company, which provides us with a strong foundation and allows us to operate at much lower costs overall. With all these savings, we have the ability to then pass the savings down to property owners!

Consider the time and money it takes to not only collect rent but to maintain a property, market the property, screen tenants, manage the lease, handle disputes, issue collections and eviction notices according to state laws, and much more. Now imagine having experienced property management professionals handle all of that for you with skill and professionalism. 

Contact our property management office for a quick quote and see how much you could be saving in the East Bay, Fremont & Bay Area area!

P.M.I. East Bay has been so helpful and their services have resulted in good savings for us without much involvement.
Chandra Joshi, 6 Residential & 1 apartment complex

Mike and his P.M.I. Staff have done a great job working for us.  They are prompt, clear communicators and eliminate surprises.
Manit Motwani, Residential

We have used P.M.I. East Bay for several years.  Their process has saved me money and time.
Bernn Hitch, 60,000 sq. ft. industrial building

It is great having a service that can take a property off our hands to allow us to work on other areas.  Thank you Mike & P.M.I. East Bay.
Brian Conway, Residential in Pleasanton

I highly recommend the services of P.M.I. East Bay.
Steven Kolnes, D.D.S., Medical Office Building
It is a pleasure doing business with P.M.I. East Bay. Irmeen Ashraf, Residential

I highly recommend the services of Mike Connolly and P.M.I. East Bay.  They have my full confidences to achieve the desired result!
Steve J., Residential

Their property management process has been painless and working with Mike and his team has been very professional.
Dale Fong, Residential

I have used P.M.I. East Bay for three years.  I would highly recommend their services.
Ray Cosby, Residential & Commercial

P.M.I. makes property management an easy process.
Soren Johnson, Residential

My husband and I have been very pleased with your property management services and would highly recommend your company.
Colleen & John Carapinha, Residential

It is a pleasure working with P.M.I. East Bay.  Their services are excellent and we would strongly recommend.
Dunia Hanschke, Retail Building

It is a pleasure working with P.M.I. East Bay.  Their services are excellent and we would strongly recommend.
Praveena Jijo, Residential

Mike and his company have done a great job for almost half a decade.
Mark Calvano, Residential & Commercial

Very little effort on my part.  They do all the work.
Christine Tozzi, Residential

They provide a valuable and professional service.
Andrew Ulmer, Residential

Their work was quite satisfactory.
Bill Edlund, Residential

Thank you for all your help.
James Greenberg, Residential

I very much appreciate the focus Mike Connolly and his team use.
Cindy Caldwell, Residential

Very fine service for the two years we have been working with them.
Curtis Grassman, Residential

Extremely professional. They do all the heavy lifting.  Great company and service.
Vishal Lulla, Residential

We know P.M.I. has our back year after year.  Maintaining a property is hard enough and it’s really nice to know that it is being looked after by competent and reliable people.
Hadas Lupo, Residential

Mike and his company are on their fourth year with us.  They do an excellent job.  We are very happy with their service.
Judy Cheong, Residential & Commercial

Competitive Property Management Fees in the East Bay, Fremont & Bay Area Area

Rental Property Maintenance

East Bay Rental Property Maintanance

Providing regular and emergency property maintenance from our Alameda County property managers.

  • Easy-to-contact property managers
  • Web-based tenant portals for tenants and property owners
  • Tenant-requested maintenance and work orders
  • Common area maintenance and cleanliness


Rental Tenant Screening

East Bay Rental Tenant Screening

Our tenant screening services make sure you get only the best renters for your East Bay area property.

  • Criminal background and credit checks
  • Rental history verification
  • Employment and reference checks
  • Lease negotiation and signing
  • All other necessary rental management services

Tenant Screening

Rent Collection & Accounting

East Bay Rent Collection

Our East Bay property management professionals provide top-notch rent collection and accounting services to make paying rent a simple process.

  • Full rent collection processing
  • Collections procedures as needed
  • Tenant dispute resolution and mitigation
  • Evictions according to legal processes
  • Monthly rent receipts and notifications

Rent Collection

Online Portal For Owners & Tenants

East Bay Online Portal Rental Property

Our office is proud of the East Bay property management services we offer you and your tenants through our property management web portal. 

  • Online Rent Processing
  • Service Requests
  • Lease Information & Details
  • Current Listings & Online Application
  • Renters Insurance Assistance
  • Online Tenant Resources

Online Portal

East Bay Area Property Management

Property management for single family homes

Property management multi family homes

Property management for commercial property

Property management for vacation homes

Property management for HOA

Property management for retail space

Property management for real estate

Property management for Every Property Type

The Property Management Advantage in East Bay, Fremont & Bay Area

The Advantage of Using Our Property Management Services

The advantage of using our property management services for all your property needs includes hiring property managers that live and work close to your East Bay, Fremont & Bay Area area property to handle all your tenant screening, lease negotiations, and rent collections. They'll also conduct regular property checkups, provide regular property maintenance, and respond to tenant complaints and requests. Our managers will even make sure your rental property is in-line with rental standards at all times.

Just Sit Back and Reap the Benefits

By removing yourself from the entire process of hounding tenants for rent, dealing with delayed payments, management of tenant complaints, or addressing problems with your property on your own, you'll find you have the time you need to focus on your other important responsibilities. For the small property management fee we require, you are in fact maximizing the value of your property, making sure that your tenants are being cared for according to California rental standards, and ensuring that your valuable property in the East Bay area is being kept in top-notch condition without you even lifting a finger!

Residential Property Management East Bay

The Property Management Advantage in East Bay, Fremont & Bay Area

As part of our services, we provide property management in Fremont, Union City, Newark and Hayward. We pride ourselves on our ability to manage rental properties and real estate transactions throughout Alameda County. The property management processes we've developed allow for us to easily manage your property, whether it is close to our office location or miles away!

If you are interested in our East Bay property management services, please contact us to find out more! We are the premier choice for all your East Bay property management needs. 

Our East Bay Property Management Associations and Accreditations

UAA Property Management Inc.

IRE Property Management Inc.

Equal Housing Property Management Company

National Association of Broker Price Opinion Professionals.

Contra Costa County Board of Realtors

Bay East


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