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Software Property Management Franchise

Being efficient as a property management franchise is essential to being a profitable business owner. PMI's franchise software is a comprehensive web based software tool that empowers you to manage your business with ease anywhere you have access to an Internet connection.

Here are just a few things PMI software will provide for you.

Top Software & Back-Office Systems:

  • Track all tenant communications
  • Accept rental applications online
  • Manage all service requests
  • Maintain all work orders
  • List and manage all available rentals
  • Coordinate all vendor and supplier services
  • Track all property owner communications
  • Organize all accounting functions of your portfolio
  • Integrate with your top-notch personalized PMI website
  • Accept rent payments electronically from tenants
  • Deposit funds into property owner's accounts automatically
  • And much, much more!

When it comes to high end, tried and tested software and back-office business management systems, Property Management Inc. offers its franchisees only the best!

PMI also prides themselves on continually seeking out the newest systems and techniques arriving on the market to make sure PMI franchise owners always have the best possible tools. This ensures their property management franchise is always running smoothly, while also making sure their clients and tenants have the access and ease of knowing they are backed by top of the line property managers. 

Software Property Management Franchise

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