Become an Association Manager with PMI!

Learn how PMI provides you with more revenue stream potential than any other property management franchise, especially when it comes to providing the training, marketing leads and tools to manage small to large associations (including Homeowners Associations (HOAs), Condo Associations,  Cooperatives and/or Office Associations.

Association Management With PMI

The Association Management Fanchise Process

HOA Management Franchise

Association management requires a very specific set of skills that differ in many ways from residential or commercial management. At Property Management Inc. Franchise, we understand those differences and provide patented tools customized for the association management industry to each of our owners. The systems we provide assist our owners from lead generation to closing new communities and on into the on-going management of the HOA.

PMI takes pride in not only being the top property management franchise to offer association management as part of the base services, but also the ONLY franchise with patented state of the art software designed to enable each franchise owner top tier service for each community they manage.

Why Offer Association Management?

Today, more than 62 million Americans live in communities governed by homeowners’ associations, condominium communities, residential cooperatives and other planned communities. The nation has an estimated 310,000 community associations.

Associations have so much to offer including order, accountability and an active participation from all members in the community.

Property Management Franchise Trends

A Growing Need For Property Management Franchises After Recession

On average, communities which had a solid governing association in place during the 2008 recession, had less loss overall to home-values compared to their neighbors not governed by an association. This is because when the recession hit, builders and developers quickly began to drop out of their projects, sometimes right in the middle of developing communities. This migration to abandon development projects caused devastating results for existing homeowners who had already purchased into those effected communities. As if home values weren't suffering enough from the recession alone, states now had entire communities who's growth went virtually backwards because of the damaging effects of having unfinished or severely underdeveloped communities all over their state. This trend is what caused many states and communities to take a more serious look at what can be done to protect home values and neighborhoods in the future. Out of this learning experience came a deeper look at associations, the home value of communities which had them, and the major benefits they provide communities they serve. Some states even enacted laws designed to help associations be even more prepared (financial reserves and more) in case another financial crisis in the nation took place.

With the recovery process and a deeper understanding of the importance of the extra protection of associations, came a greater need for the management of those associations! This is where PMI comes in!

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