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Property Management Franchise Commercial

When you join as a Property Management franchise owner, you will find a breadth of service offerings you never thought possible are now within your reach. These service offerings allow you to efficiently manage properties for a multitude of property owners including homeowners, commercial property owners, as well as real estate investors. The types of properties you can manage include:



As a Property Management franchise owner, you will have the opportunity to manage residential properties which include single family homes, multi-family homes, apartment complexes, town-homes, and more.



Part of PMI's superior service offering is that their franchisees can effectively manage commercial properties in addition to residential properties. Commercial properties include office buildings, retail space, industrial complexes and more!


Bank Owned / REO

PMI also provides excellent training, systems and support that allows their property management franchisees the ability to take on clients in the ever growing bank owned home and REO property sector. 


Vacation Rentals

Vacation home rental trends are rising at an ever increasing rate, and for a good reason. The vacation property sector is on the rise, and as a result, so is the need for managers to care for them. This is just another reason to join the Property Management franchise system!


HOA Management

The ability to manage Home Owners Associations (HOA) is just one more example of why PMI franchise owners are given a greater advantage by joining the Property Managemen franchise system.

Property Management Franchise Commercial

If you have any questions about additional services PMI franchisees can offer or would like to speak with Property Management Inc., please contact our corporate office and one of our expert property management franchise support representatives will be happy to assist you!

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