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Our local commercial and residential property management franchise owners will protect, market, and manage your rental property assets.

Owning a rental property can be a great investment, but it can also cause major property management headaches. Even if you own just a single rental property, you could spend nearly all your time worrying about everything that could go wrong. Protecting your investment against weather, disrepair, damage, vandalism, crime, and hundreds of other costly risks is more than a one-person job.

In the face of all these threats, you need our skilled property management professionals on your side. Whether you need apartment property management or any other residential or commercial property management, our local property management franchise owners' rental management services have you covered. They will handle every piece of the property management puzzle, so you can stop worrying about your investment and focus on enjoying the benefits.

What Local Property Owners are Saying

My property is being well taken care of and I am so happy to have such a high quality company watching out for my interests. I wish everybody could enjoy this kind of a relationship with their property management company.
R.B. Wheatley,

PMI has been the best decision I could have made. Their customer service is flawless. Both myself and my tenants have been treated to the most responsive courteous and professional service that I have ever experienced.
T. Harper,

Before I found PMI it took days to get my property management company to respond to my phone call. Repairs were completed without informing me about the costs. I repeatedly asked them to call me before spending my money but that never happened. Finally I'd had enough! Now, with PMI, I can have my child check on my investment property. It is so easy and so convenient that my 12 year old helps me keep track of it.
J. Jensen,

Benefits for Owners When Using a Local PMI Franchise

Rental Property Management Franchise

Property owners love us because we handle everything for them. Our goal is to take care of it all, so you don't have to constantly be bothered by property management emergencies.

  • Security, safety, and compliance of your property
  • Certified property managers on your team
  • Time, energy, and money saved

Benefits for Tenants When Using Our Local PMI Franchise

Tenant Placement Services

Local tenants love our PMI Franchise owners because they are easy to reach and quick to respond to their needs. Local property management franchise owners keep your renters happy, so you have no trouble hanging on to cooperative tenants.

  • Residential property managers you can count on
  • Quicker response to maintenance and other requests
  • Web-based tenant services portal

Our Local Property Management Franchise Owners Manage All Property Types

Property management for single family homes

Property management multi family homes

Property management for commercial property

Property management for vacation homes

Property management for HOA

Property management for retail space

Property management for Bank Owned Homes

Property management for Every Property Type

Full-Service Property Management Franchise

Property Maintenance & Compliance

Property Maintenance Franchise

Property Management Inc.’s franchise services begin with complete care for your physical property’s condition, security, and compliance. Our local PMI commercial and residential property managers will handle all regular and emergency property maintenance, making sure that your property retains its value for years to come.

Our certified property management services also include regular property inspections, compliance checks, and all other necessary realty management services from our professional, skilled, and expert property managers.

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Property Marketing & Tenant Placement

Rental Property Franchise

An important aspect of property management is making sure that your property makes you money by discovering and retaining tenants who will help preserve the value of your rental property assets. Our local property management franchise professionals will market your property in all appropriate channels, review tenant applications, run background checks, and fill your rental with the kind of tenants you want in your properties. Our local PMI franchisees' careful and efficient tenant placement is just one more way our home, condo, and apartment property management services help protect your property investments and get you the great returns that you’re looking for.

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Finding a rental house, condo, or apartment manager that can handle all of your needs can be tricky. That’s why at Property Management Inc., our property management franchise rental management services include rent collection, tenant management, and even eviction proceedings when necessary. Our local PMI franchisee offices are designed to ensure that you never once have to worry about your rental property assets. Our local residential property managers will have you covered. That’s how Property Management Inc.’s local realty management professionals help bring you peace of mind.

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Franchise With Property Management Inc.

"Go into business for yourself, but not by yourself."
- Steven R. Hart
President, Property Management Inc.

Before you invest in a business, you need to have the confidence that there is a growing market that needs and wants your services. By joining the Property Management Inc. franchise family not only will you have this level of confidence, but you'll have industry experts to help you the entire way on your journey to independence and success.

As a Property Management Inc. franchise owner, you’ll be able to tap into both the booming residential as well as the highly profitable commercial real estate market, all with the assurance that you can hit the ground running with PMI's proprietary system backing you.


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