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A key to Property Management Inc.’s certified property management is providing full-service property maintenance to all property types and sizes. Having our excellent property management on your side means you can trust us to care for your properties, keeping them clean, in good repair, and safe for tenants, visitors, and neighbors. That’s one way our rental management services protect the value of your property, while also protecting your tenants and limiting your liability.

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Property Maintenance Company

Property Maintenance and Rental Management Services

Rental Management Services

Property management requires great time and care be given to property maintenance to protect both the short and long term value of the rental property. As part of our rental management services, we handle all tenant-requested maintenance as well as the regular maintenance required to keep a rental property livable and marketable. That’s one way our property managers work to keep properties clean and secure and tenants happy and safe.

Our commercial and residential property managers are never more than a phone call away from your tenants, and they’ll swiftly take action to conduct all necessary maintenance on your rental property. Handling work orders, regular property inspections, and maintenance schedules with speed, efficiency, and professionalism is part of what sets our property management services apart. With rental management services from Property Management Inc., you can rest easy knowing your properties and tenants are always in the care of true property management experts.

What Our Property Owners Have To Say

My property is being well taken care of and I am so happy to have such a high quality company watching out for my interests. I wish everybody could enjoy this kind of a relationship with their property management company.
R.B. Wheatley,

PMI has been the best decision I could have made. Their customer service is flawless. Both myself and my tenants have been treated to the most responsive courteous and professional service that I have ever experienced.
T. Harper,

Before I found PMI it took days to get my property management company to respond to my phone call. Repairs were completed without informing me about the costs. I repeatedly asked them to call me before spending my money but that never happened. Finally I'd had enough! Now, with PMI, I can have my child check on my investment property. It is so easy and so convenient that my 12 year old helps me keep track of it.
J. Jensen,

Types of Properties We Manage

Property management for single family homes

Property management multi family homes

Property management for commercial property

Property management for vacation homes

Property management for HOA

Property management for retail space

Property management for Bank Owned Homes

Property management for Every Property Type

Rental Property Management and Security

Property owners love the maintenance and management services from our certified property managers, because our rental management services help protect the value of their properties both in the short- and long-term. In the short term, we keep your tenants happy and safe in clean and maintained properties, ensuring continued success in finding and retaining tenants. In the long term, our rental property management services will retain your properties’ value and help keep them sound investments.

Providing elite property management means conducting regular property maintenance and inspections, making sure that your properties are always safe, secure, and clean. With certified property management from Property Management Inc., you can relax, knowing that all your property maintenance and compliance needs are covered by our trained and skilled professionals. You’ll have time to focus on all your other responsibilities and activities when you trust your rental management services to us.

With certified property management from Property Management Inc., your properties will be maintained and protected without you having to lift a finger. Our property maintenance services will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your property is protected by true experts. Call for more information on our property maintenance and rental management services.

Rental Property Management Maintenance

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"Go into business for yourself, but not by yourself."
- Steven R. Hart
President, Property Management Inc.

Before you invest in a business, you need to have the confidence that there is a growing market that needs and wants your services. By joining the Property Management Inc. franchise family not only will you have this level of confidence, but you'll have industry experts to help you the entire way on your journey to independence and success.

As a Property Management Inc. franchise owner, you’ll be able to tap into both the booming residential as well as the highly profitable commercial real estate market, all with the assurance that you can hit the ground running with PMI's proprietary system backing you.


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Property Management Inc. provides regular and emergency property maintenance by certified property managers. Contact our property management company today to find out how much you could be saving on your rental property!