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  • Security
  • Vendor Management
  • Winterizing/Dewinterizing
  • Home Arrival Preparation
  • House Cleaning
  • Mail Pickup
  • Landscaping
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Power Washing
  • Tree Trimming
  • Exterior Window Cleaning
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Estate / Executor Management Richmond

Taking care of an estate or large property is a big job, and when you’re miles away it can feel overwhelming. If you have an empty home part of the year that needs to be cared for, PMI Richmond can relieve your burden with our comprehensive, professional estate management services. Whether it’s a second home, a vacation home, an estate in probate after the passing of a loved one – or even an extended absence from your primary house – we can make sure your estate is cared for even when you can’t be there.

We can help with everything from seasonal maintenance and upkeep to preparing a home for rent or sale. PMI Richmond is your one-stop solution for every aspect of estate management in Richmond, Glen Allen, Chesterfield & Hanover. Let our experts give you total peace of mind; knowing that your property will remain safe, secure, and in great condition while vacant.

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Well-kept landscaping keeps your vacant home from looking abandoned, makes it welcoming when you return, and helps if you ultimately need to sell or rent the property.

Gutter Cleaning

Estate Property Management Gutters Richmond

Maintenance tasks that only happen a couple times per year are easy to overlook when you have an additional home to care for. PMI Richmond makes sure routine things like cleaning out the rain gutters are never forgotten. Clogged or improperly placed gutters can create damaging runoff and moisture that could ultimately hurt your home’s foundation. Keep things in good repair, and let us take care of the dirty work.

Power Washing

Estate Property Management Powerwashing Richmond

Whether it’s routine maintenance or cleanup after a heavy storm, power washing can make your home look like new again. Keep your empty house looking its best, and deter ne'er-do-wells who look to prey on vacant homes with our power washing service. If your second home is a vacation rental, power washing can help brighten things up so your home makes the right first impression on renters.

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming Richmond

Trees make your house attractive and provide needed shade, but when left unattended they can wreak havoc. Don’t let fallen or broken branches cost you more time and money. Protect your empty estate from broken windows, damaged rooftops, and other tree-related calamities with regular trimming under the watchful eye of PMI Richmond


It doesn’t take long for an uninhabited home to take on the appearance of a small jungle. Don’t let your landscaping fall into disarray when you are absent. We can keep your lawn in good shape with full landscaping services including mowing, trimming, and weeding.

  • Lawn Care
  • Weed Control
  • Pest Control
  • Shrubery and Flowerbeds
  • Sprinkler System Maintanance
  • Lighting Maintanance
  • Leaf / Debri Cleanup
  • Sweeping, Snow Removal
  • More

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Landscaping Estate Property Management Richmond

One of the biggest concerns for an empty property is risk of theft, vandalism, and even squatting. PMI Richmond will do everything we can to keep your house safe while you’re away.

Estate Property Management Richmond

Your property is at risk of theft, vandalism, and even squatting. When you’re across the country, you can feel helpless to protect your home. With PMI Richmond on your side, we’ll do everything we can to keep your house safe while you’re away. This includes security system monitoring, regular inspections of property and more. Don't forget, proper maintenance keeps your home from looking vacant, and our additional security services add extra reassurance that you’re home is under watchful eyes, no matter where you have to be.

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When a home is going to sit empty for a while, you need to make sure that everything is left in pristine condition.

House Cleaning

PMI Richmond' main priority is to keep your property in pristine condition. Even an overlooked crumb can attract a mess of pests, which is why we make sure that every cupboard, the refrigerator, and any other pest-friendly cubby is spic and span. We can also help protect furniture and decor from sunlight and dust, so that everything will be just the way you left it when you return.

Cleaning Estate Property Management Richmond

Exterior Window Cleaning

They say eyes are the windows of the soul, well windows are the eyes into your home. Let PMI Richmond help keep your second home or vacation property sparkling, without having to apply any personal elbow grease. As part of our customizable services, our estate management experts can make sure your exterior windows are crystal clear and clean all year long so you can come home feeling that all nuances are taken care of!

Window Cleaning Estate Property Management Richmond

Home Arrival Preparation

When you arrive home after an extended absence, you don’t want to walk into a neglected house that needs your immediate attention. We make sure your home is ready and waiting for you, so you can walk in the front door and relax. We’ll ensure that all utilities and water services are operational, take care of any outside maintenance, and even set the thermostat and lighting to your preference, so you have nothing to worry about except feeling at home.

Estate Property Management Richmond

We've got all maintenance services covered; from exterior work and handyman tasks, to major repairs and renovations. Keeping your estate in top shape all year round is part of what we do best!

Maintanance, Winterizing, Dewinterizing

Maintenance Estate Property Management Richmond

When the seasons change, the laundry list of items needed to maintain a property gets even longer. Failure to properly prepare your home for winter or get things ready for spring can cause bigger problems that will take time and money to correct.

Head off seasonal issues at the pass, by letting PMI Richmond worry about those seasonal demands. Whether it’s making sure the HVAC system is in good shape, protecting delicate plants and ornamentals, or keeping pipes from freezing, we’ll take care of it.

As part of PMI Richmond's services, we provide estate property management in Richmond, Glen Allen, Chesterfield & Hanover which also includes the the City of Richmond, Tuckahoe, Midlothion, Mechanicsville, Short Pump, and Glen Allen areas. Our territory of services serves the entire Henrico County, Chesterfield County and Hanover County region and our estate property management processes allow for us to easily manage your estate, whether it is close to our office location or miles away!

Other Services

Because we meet with each client personally, we are able to evaluate your specific needs and customize our empty estate management services. After we get to know you and your property, we can provide additional landscaping and home keeping services that match your unique circumstances.

  • Mail Pickup
  • Utilities Management
  • HOA / Associaiton Compliance
  • Garbage Removal
  • Remodeling / Renovations
  • More

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Estate Property Management Richmond by PMI Richmond

Complete Estate Management Services:

Whatever the reason you have an empty estate to manage, PMI Richmond is here to make it easier. You don’t have to undertake this responsibility alone. Whether you planned to have a vacant property, such a vacation home, or have been named as the executor for a property after the loss of a loved one, we understand the importance of maintaining your empty home – and we have the experience and expertise to keep your additional property in excellent shape. Contact PMI Richmond today to learn more about how we can help ease this extra burden today.

Estate Management

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