PMI Franchise Inquiry

Franchise Inquiry

Fastest Growing Property Management Franchise

Fastest Growing Property Management Franchise

Own a franchise in an industry that grows consistently, year in and year out

Build your business by providing property management services in the multi-trillion dollar residential and commercial real estate industry.

Property Management Inc. offers the only franchise system that gives you the tools, systems, training and support to succeed in any market. Property Management Inc. is one of the fastest growing and trusted franchise companies period. We give you a competitive advantage, putting you in control of your future is our number 1 goal.

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PMI Franchise Inquiry

Franchise Inquiry

Nationwide Residential and Commercial Property Management Company

Welcome to Property Mangement Inc. We are a nationwide certified property management company providing expert rental, residential, multi-family, commercial, real estate, and HOA services through our local offices.

What Our Property Owners are Saying

I finally got my life back! I spend time with my children again! Thank You! Thank You! R. White,
My property is being well taken care of and I am so happy to have such a high quality company watching out for my interests. I wish everybody could enjoy this kind of a relationship with their property management company. J.B. Wheatley,
PMI has been the best decision I could have made. Their customer service is flawless. Both myself and my tenants have been treated to the most responsive courteous and professional service that I have ever experienced. J.B. Wheatley,
Before I found PMI it took days to get my property management company to respond to my phone call. Repairs were completed without informing me about the costs. I repeatedly asked them to call me before spending my money but that never happened. Finally I'd had enough! Now, with PMI, I can have my child check on my investment property. It is so easy and so convenient that my 12 year old helps me keep track of it. J. Jensen,

Lowest Property Management Fees Nationwide

Our nationwide property management services and fees are unbeatable. Our unique property management process allows us to provide the best property management services nationwide at lower costs to our property owners.

Our local offices are part of our larger nationwide company, which provides them with a strong foundation and allows each office to operate at much lower costs overall. With all these savings, our local property managers have the ability to then pass the savings down to you!

Consider the time and money it takes to not only collect rent but to maintain a property, market the property, screen tenants, manage the lease, handle disputes, issue collections and eviction notices, and more, all while remaining completely compliant with local and state laws throughout the entire process. Now imagine skilled, expert property management professionals handling all of that for you. Now you're just starting to understand the power behind the PMI advantage.

Contact your local office for a quick quote and see how much you could be saving by choosing Property Management Inc.!

Our Property Management Expertise

Property management for single family homes

Property management multi family homes

Property management for commercial property

Property management for vacation homes

Property management for HOA

Property management for retail space

Property management for real estate

Property management for Every Property Type

The Property Management Inc. Advantage

The Advantage of Using Property Management Inc.

The advantage of using Property Management Inc. for all your property needs include hiring certified property managers that live and work close to your property and can not only handle all your tenant screening, lease negotiations and rent collections, but who also handles the entire process of maintaining the property when it comes to issues that arise such as tenant complaints and requests. We make sure your rental property is up to full and compliant state laws and local rental standards at all times. 

Just Sit Back And Collect Your Property Rent

By removing yourself from the entire process of hounding tenants for rent, dealing with delayed payments, management of tenant complaints, or addressing problems with your property on your own, you are in fact handing the entire process over to our local property management specialists who do this as their profession. For the small property management fee we require, you are in fact ensuring that your property is churning the revenue you expect each month, that your tenants are being cared for according to state rental standards, and that your valuable property is being kept in top notch condition without you even lifting a finger or an eyebrow!

Residential Property Management

Perks of Choosing Property Management Inc.?

Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance. Property Manager

Property Management Inc. provides regular and emergency property maintenance from our certified property managers.

  • Easy-to-contact property managers
  • Web-based tenant portals for tenants and owners
  • Tenant-requested maintenance and work orders
  • Common area maintenance and cleanliness


Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening Services

Property Management Inc.'s tenant screening experts will provide careful tenant screening services to make sure you get only the best.

  • Criminal background and credit checks
  • Rental history verification
  • Employment and reference checks
  • Lease negotiation and signing
  • All other necessary rental management services

Tenant Screening

Rent and Accounting

Rent Collection

Our rental property management experts provide top-notch rent collection and accounting services to make paying rent a simple process.

  • Full rent collection processing
  • Collections procedures as needed
  • Tenant dispute resolution and mitigation
  • Evictions according to legal processes
  • Monthly rent receipts and notifications

Rent Collection

Online Portal

Online Property Management Portal

We’re proud of the property management services we offer you and your tenants through our property management web portal. 

  • Online Rent Processing
  • Service Requests
  • Lease Information & Details
  • Current Listings & Online Application
  • Renters Insurance Assistance
  • Online Tenant Resources

Online Portal

Accreditations & Associations

IFA Property Management Inc.

Bonded Property Management Inc.

UAA Property Management Inc.

IRE Property Management Inc.

BBB Property Management Inc.
VetFran Property Management Inc.

NAA Property Management Inc.

Equal Housing Property Management Company

CFA Property Management Inc.

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